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LisaBrownWelcome to Kindergarten! Throughout my years of teaching Early Childhood, I have found that children have the excitement of learning and it is a process I truly enjoy being part of. St. Christopher's is a wonderful school and I am honored to be a teacher and a member of a great team! If you have any questions or concerns, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Mrs. Brown has had the experiences of teaching Kindergarten and Pre-K for over 20 years in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Maine.





Mrs_LagenfeldMrs. Beth Cole is the Full-Day Pre-K teacher's aide.

May/June News

May brings excitement in our class as the students learn about Butterflies! Live specimens of caterpillars have arrived and they will have first hand experience observing, predicting and charting phonics the stages of metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly of the Painted Lady Species. They will enjoy tht beauty of the butterflies and care for them until the end of the month before a grand send off and release into the flower garden! Smile We will also have a fun hands on lesson with WORMS!  Following observing and measuring them, we will keep them and in a worm farm and watch them make tunnels. It is fascinating to watch! Any insects that are caught by any student is welcome to bring in and we will observe and release back into nature.  

The Hungry Caterpillar is a favorite book to many. At the end of the month KB has planned to perform this play and entertain Pre-K class!

In phonics, our class caterpillar continues to grow with new sight words. Incorporating sight words with word families the students continue writing and reading sentences. They are putting the pieces of the puzzle together.Their work is amazing! 

The unit in Math focuses on Measurement which includes size, length ,weight and volume. Hands on lessons and acitivites provides concrete experiences. Word problems are also introduced in writing a math sentenece and solving the equation. Listening to the story, thinking and deciding to whether it is addition or subtraction is part of the process before solving the problem.

May is the month to honor our heavenly 'Blessed Mother Mary' with prayer saying the Rosary. The school joins together for the May Procession on May 19th in a beautiful procession and prayer by the 6th grade class. All are welcome to attend.  All Mothers are also remembered on May 14th for dedication to your family! Enjoy your special day!  

The last character trait is the Bee who teaches about Sincerity and always work hard to 'Be the Best You Can Be!' A goal for students as we complete the end of the school year.

The last day of Kindergarten is Friday, June 9th.  A fun End of the year Celebration Party is planned with games, a craft, special snack and a slide show! It's been a great year and time for all to enjoy summertime and Fun in the Sun!!Cool




April Showers Bring May Flowers! Although a bit early, each student will plant a flower and vegtable. It is exciting to watch the seeds sprout and grow! We also have planted cut pieces of potatos and and wondering if potatoes will grow? Stay tuned until June to find out...Smile 

With the completion of the alphabet, we have begun a series of 'word families'. Word groups will be sent home to practice reading and spelling the words. The students independently are writing complete sentences with high frequency words, word families and punctuation. The pieces of the puzzle are being put together and the results are amazing! 

In math, we begin with subtraction followed by tallying. Hands on activities using manipulatives provide practice for concrete understanding.

The students learn about Jesus's journey on earth and meaning of Easter. Let us remember and give thanks for our gifts and blessings. The character trait is the Egret who teaches Virtue and demonstrates honesty and integrity by making good choices.

Earth day is April 22nd. Learning about ways to conserve energy and recyle lessons. A craft activity the students will complete is learning about their place on earth: home, town, state, country and continent.

Happy Easter and Enjoy Spring Break!



March 'comes in like a lion and goes our like a lamb'.  It is known as a windy month and we will experiment with varied objects of size, weight and strengths of wind to find out which ones will move and to what distance. It is especially exciting on windy days outside with helicopters they design and fly!

With the arrival of Spring..'.Hooray' and the change of seasons, Our class will learn and explore about insects We will collect and examine species, so if you have a bug lover please collect any and send them There is much excitement when a new bug comes in!

Througout the month, in honor of the whimsical tales and rhymes of Dr. Seuss, each student will become an author and illustrator of their own short book. It will include characters and setting and there will be pages that are silly and some fact. This wrting activity introduces 'word families' and incoporates sentence structure, writing skills and creativity! Smile

Due to the snow days, we will complete our math unit of coins and counting with shopping at the class store. Addition is the unit for the month and hands on activites part of all lessons. IXL has been enjoyed by many students and is encouraged to practice and reinforce skills. They so enjoy receiving a certificate after completing a given amount of problems to solve.

The character trait is the lamb who represents 'Forgiveness' and teaches to accept apologies from others. and forgive them. The students will also prepare for Easter and paricipate on Fridays by going into church with the school for Stations of the Cross.

The school celebrates the Feast Day of St. Patrick on Friday March 17th. It is a dress down day to wear green. Our class will enjoy a festive snack and drink of green. There may be excitement as they anicipate a visit from the leprechaun!

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