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Welcome to Kindergarten! If you have any questions or concerns, please send me in a note with your child.

I have been part of the teaching staff here at St. Chris for over 15 years and love it. I also taught for 10 years in the public school prior to coming to St. Chris. My whole career has focused on the early childhood years. I find that kindergarten is a challenging but very fun level to teach and at St. Chris I’m pleased to be able to include a spiritual component to my teaching.

Mrs. Irene Foran is the Kindergarten aide for Miss Narkis.

November News! 2015

Here we are in November already!  It's time to begin our new unit on Native Americans and the story of the first Thanksgiving.  This is usually an all time favorite with the children as they are challenged to imagine life without even basic, modern conveniences or technology.  Through hands on props they will explore the Native's art of survival using their skills and natural resources.  We will also have a Native American Day involving activities that will engage the children's interest in a fun and educational way.

This month's character trait is obedience which requires personal discipline and respect for authority.  We do discuss the exception to obedience which would apply to a wrongful command. Obedience isn't always easy, however it provides safety and security for those under virtuous authorities.

We have spent, and will continue to spend time working with numbers beyond 10.  Sequencing and comparing values are important skills to practice.  We also have been dividing numbers into various sets to see the different combinations comprising each number.  Patterns and positions will be focused on as well during the coming weeks.

Our reading program is moving along quite nicely, and the children seem to really enjoy our small group times reading together.  Our bank of high frequency words is increasing, and the children love practicing them daily as part of our circle time routine.  Thanks for any practice you may be dong at home with this.

Just a reminder to remember the following dates:

11/6  Pizza Lunch!  12:00 noon - church hall

11/10  Native American Day! - The volunteers need to arrive at the classroom by 9:00am.

11/11  No School!  Veteran's Day!

11/13  Field Trip!  Drop off at 8:30 - departing 8:45 sharp

11/17  Parent/Teacher conferences - You have already been sent a confirmation of your time.


Thanks you for all that you do, and I look forward to seeing more of you throughout these events!  Laughing


Busy, busy Kindergarteners!



Here are a few pictures of the children working on various skills during their weekly station times.  They enjoy working in small groups and being able to rotate through the activities.   Smile



October News! 2015


Here we are!  We have the first month of school under our belt and we are doing great. Laughing The children have settled into the weekly routine and have been working very hard.  Our reading program is off to a terrific start and we continue to review, and add to, our list of high frequency words.  This month we will be adding the following words: a to have is.

We are reviewing phonics daily and sequencing stories.  The children are becoming familiar with elements of literary form such as, author, illustrator, and title.  We will practice further with identifying characters, setting and comparing and contrasting stories.

This month's character trait is TRUTHFULNESS which we have been putting into practice in the classroom.  Trustworthiness is an admirable quality to posess as most people dislike being lied to, and like to deal with honest people whom they can trust.

We have been focusing on numbers 1-10 as we warm up and we will move on toward 20.  We've been base counting to 100, sequencing, comparing values and learning about odd and even numbers.  As we graph the weather each day, we are able to draw comparisons and search for patterns.

The weeks ahead will also include pumpkin and Fall related activities as well as a visit from the NFD.  The children will get a chance to examine some of the equipment that is used by the firefighters, as well as see the different firetrucks up close.  We will be reviewing fire safety in class, and have already practiced a few fire drills.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy:  our class picture, the cover of our favorite book that we wrote together, a beautiful picture of Jesus drawn by one of our many class artists, and Peter pumpkin eater!     HAPPY FALL! Class_pics_2015_fall_001_aa Class_pics_2015_fall_034_aaClass_pics_2015_fall_035_aaClass_pics_2015_fall_031_aa

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