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February News 2017

geo_states_new_hampshireIt's February!  Time is flying and these kinders are growing and learning at lightning speed!  We have recently begun our STEM project which centers around the concept of sink and float.  Ultimately the groups will work together to create a means to float their sinkable treasure.  It is very exciting and the project will continue to develop over the coming weeks.

We have been spending a lot of time on the concrete and symbolic levels of basic operations in math.  We have practiced solving written math problems as well as word problems which require a keen ear for math vocabulary words.  The children are becoming more familiar with how to read a problem and know how to find the answer.  We continue to count, record and compare numbers on a daily basis.

Our computer classes are going well and the children are really enjoying going up to the lab.  We also have a Beebot for our classroom that I will be using with the children.  A Beebot is a very cute mobile robot that is in the form of a bumblebee and it operates on a floor grid.  The Beebot can be programmed to follow a sequence of directions that will bring it to a desired location on the grid.  I am so excited to use it with the children because they are going to love it!!

Since President's Day is this month, I have a couple cute activities planned that have to do with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  I also have a fantastic map activity involving the state of NH which I will try to squeeze in this month.

Orderliness is the character trait for February and even though it isn't quite Spring yet, we will be getting ourselves organized!  It is nice to clean out messy corners and put everything where it belongs. The challenge is to be disciplined enough to keep it that way.

We will be having a Valentine celebration on Tuesday, February 14th (also a free dress day - pink, white and red).  Please remeber to have your child sign his or her valentine cards for the class, but please do not address them with names because we will be handing out six hundred and twenty five of them! Thank you! Smile