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March News 2017

animated-march-clipart-1_aaHAPPY MARCH!  It is hard to believe that it will be Spring in a few weeks.  It is such a hopeful time of year that is full of life and growth.  The children have grown so much since September and I continue to enjoy watching them increase in their abilities.

The week that we return from February break will include our STEM day.  The children worked in small groups to meet an engineering objective and they all successfully accomplished the task!  They loved engaging in whatever role they each played in contributing to their group.  All four groups will have their creations on display on STEM night.  (Thurs. 3/9)

We will be learning about the season of Lent this month which begins on Ash Wednesday.  The children will participate in the Stations of the Cross each Friday afternoon during Lent.  This is a nice way for them to remember the sacrificial love of Jesus and spend some time reflecting on His precious gift of salvation.

Forgiveness is this month's character trait which is ultimately demonstrated by Jesus on the cross, at which time He asked forgiveness for those who were killing Him.  We have numerous opportunities in life to exercise forgiveness and the children are very good about showing mercy and forgiveness to each other.

We will reach the end of the alphabet this month so Zebulan zebra will be our last letter friend.  From this time forward, we will be studying weekly word families.  We will continue to work on reading and writing skills and word work activities.  The children love adding to our list of HFW and enjoy practicing them in class.

Our new unit on rocks and minerals will be lots of fun as the children will learn about the three basic categories of rocks and get their hands on some real gems!  Children seem to naturally enjoy collecting and examining rocks so they should enjoy the numerous activities I have planned for them.

I hope everyone returns to school healthy and happy and ready for a great month of learning and growing!  HAPPY SPRING! Laughing