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April Class News! 2017


easter-clipart-Happy-easter-google-clipart_aaWe have been focusing on the passion of Jesus through the Lenten season and now it is time to celebrate the joy of the resurrection.  It seems that Spring has arrived with budding pussywillows and blossoming children!  The children are not only growing academically, but they are taller and teeth are falling out on a daily basis. Laughing

We have recently begun working with word families.  The children continue to speed read their high frequency words and have been putting together their own sentences!  This is a very exciting step in applying the skills that they have worked hard to master.  We will be writing sentences from now on and we will also continue with SSR (sustained silent reading).  This is a 15 minute personal reading time done alone or together with a partner.  This will become part of our daily routine and will further encourage a love of books and reading.

This month's character trait is sincerity which means that we should have transparent motives in all that we do.  We will be discussing the difference between being genuine and being fake or doing things for selfish gain.

This month we will begin learning about money. This will involve identifying pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters and learning the values of each.  This is where our base counting will come in handy as we begin counting coins.

This month is going to be short and fast, but full of more learning, fun, and some great school events!  Hopefully April will end with a warm, sunny vacation for all to enjoy.

Have a Blessed Easter!