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September Principal Letter


Greetings St Christopher Families and Friends,


It is with great pleasure that I write to welcome you and your students to the 2019-2020 school year at St. Christopher.  I hope that your summer has been filled with fun family activities enjoyed at a leisurely pace under beautiful, blue skies filled with sunshine.  How quickly summer concludes and our thoughts turn to eagerly preparing for the commencement of another school year.  This is always an exciting time of the year! The St. Christopher School faculty and staff have enjoyed welcoming our new families and students and catching up with great summer stories and memories.  As your principal, I was very excited to see you all and look forward to continuing to form strong and positive partnerships.


In choosing St. Christopher School, you demonstrate a commitment to the values and philosophy of a Catholic education.  We applaud your commitment and look forward to working with you throughout the years.  The faculty and staff of St. Christopher School wholeheartedly promote faith formation, academic excellence, and stewardship.  Together we will also promote spiritual and moral development in every student that is reflective of the belief that, a Catholic education is an advantage for a lifetime. 

There are many Back to School events coming up this month, so please read the Wednesday News to find the events that pertain to you.  One of my main goals as principal continues to be to provide open communication between St. Christopher School and the community we serve.  For that reason, I will create a time when parents can come and enjoy coffee and conversation. Stay tuned for more information on date and time in October!  I hope you’ll join us!

As your children finish out the first week, let us bless them and pray for them to have a positive, enriching experience.  They are ready to learn about the world, other people, and themselves.  Their minds and hearts are open. I envision each child discovering new skills, enhancing their natural talents, and putting new knowledge to use.  Seeing children excited about their day stirs a new enthusiasm in me.  As a life-long learner, I look for and find a divine connection in the people and circumstances I encounter.  My thoughts and prayers bless each child as they begin the new school year.


The staff and administration were so excited to see your students this week!  God bless!


On behalf of the St. Christopher School Team, Welcome Back!



Mrs. Cynthia Vita Clarke