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Welcome to St. Christopher School

St. Christopher is a pre-k to grade 6 Roman Catholic school with a proud heritage, mission, and philosophy. It is a school made up of dedicated teachers, interested children, and a parent body which really cares about the nature and quality of the children's education. While no website can truly describe the excitement of learning found at St. Christopher School, we hope these pages will give you some idea of our special atmosphere.



Academics for the Mind

Our emphasis on the basics through structured, proven methods paired with innovative technology  produces students who consistently rank above national averages on standardized testing. Our dynamic staff challenges students in reading, writing, oral expression, mathematics, social studies and science. Teaching techniques tap students’ discipline and creativity, promoting the enjoyment of learning as well as mastery.

Our students also attend regular classes in music, art, conversational Spanish, and physical education. Our computer laboratory and library program provide additional avenues to discover the joys of reading, research and knowledge. One valedictorian of a local high school cited his third grade teacher from St. Christopher School. In his address he said, “She taught me the love of learning.”





Religion for the Soul

All grades include daily instruction in religious education. Students attend Mass once a month, as well as on Holy Days of Obligation. Additional prayer services occur throughout the year. Students and parents participate in the liturgy. Our religious education, however, goes beyond the understanding of the values taught by Jesus; it also enforces those values in the students’ everyday life. These values include respect for the teachers and one another; appreciating our differences, lending a hand when someone is in need, and encouraging one another to strive for kindness and excellence. While religious education is Catholic based, non-Catholic students profit from daily reinforcement in universal Christian values.






Keeping Education Personal

St. Christopher students total about 350. Class sizes are limited to ensure individual attention for every student. Many grades have a waiting list each year, so we encourage early application. St. Christopher School offers an all-day Kindergarten program. Pre-Kindergarten students attend five days a week in either a morning half day program or an all day program.










Clean, Bright, and Safe Facilities

St. Christopher School provides spacious classrooms that are clean, bright, and cheerful, reflecting the pride of our teachers and our students. All classrooms are have access to the Internet and grades 1 through 6 are equipped with interactive whiteboards for additional learning resources and supplemental activities. Our facilities include a computer lab with interactive whiteboard and a library. The building throughout is safe and secure, with extensive security systems in place.  The school connects directly to St. Christopher Church, which is used for religious services and special events. The church hall is used for indoor physical education classes, music programs, and school activities. We offer a nutritious hot lunch program and provide a full-time school nurse. Finally, our playground is our students' favorite place to be!





Uniforms for FocusUniforms for Focus

Numerous studies have proven that uniforms enhance an educational setting by “leveling the field” for all students and by helping focus their attention on the true priorities for attending school. We agree. The St. Christopher uniform offers flexibility for boys and girls, while maintaining a clean and consistent look. Girls may wear a jumper, skirt or slacks. Boys and girls may wear a sweater over their uniform shirt. Shorts are allowed during the warmer months.


All uniforms are ordered through our local uniform supplier, Red Brick Clothing, which is located in nearby Hudson, NH. Red Brick Clothing can be reached at (603) 882-4100 or through our school web store HERE.






Ready to Apply to St. Christopher School?

Great! All applications are accepted online through our Admission portal HERE!