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Why St. Chris

At St. Christopher School, we believe:
  • Each person is a child of God deserving of respect.
  • A high quality Catholic education develops the whole child – spiritually, emotionally, academically, and socially, including the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships, communication and leadership skills, and personal responsibilities.
  • Education and faith formation are most effective through continuous collaboration and mutual support between the school, the family, and the community.
  • Instruction and assessment must provide for the diverse needs and abilities of students.
  • Community service is integral to the development of students’ awareness of the needs of others and their responsibility to the world in which they live.
  • Students are motivated by a committed and well-educated faculty, administration, and staff who are enthusiastic in their work and excited to share their knowledge while nurturing each child’s individual differences.
  • Our students’ education is enhanced through research, ongoing education, and implementation of best practices by faculty, administration and staff.
  • Children should explore, experiment, problem-solve, and invent in their everyday learning.