Calendar Raffle Winners!

Congratulations to our Calendar Raffle Winners for October 2018!
October 1     Pat Hinch of Merrimack, sold by Stefan Duncan of Nashua Catholic
October 2     Megan Frost of Wilton, sold by Jenna Frost of St. Christopher
October 3     Jackie Fair of Nashua, sold by Avery McKenna of Infant Jesus
October 4     The Krueger Family of Amherst, sold by Sofia Krueger of St. Christopher
October 5     Greg Sander of Pelham, sold by Greg Sander of Nashua Catholic
October 6     Dennis McCarthy of Nashua, sold by Deirdre Whalen of St. Christopher
October 7     Matthew Brichacek of Shaker Heights, OH, sold by Alex Gehringer of St. Christopher
October 8     Dottie DellaGatta of Nashua, sold by Emery Smith of St. Christopher
October 9     Samuel T. Clarke of Nashua, sold by Caleb Paquin of St. Christopher
October 10   Mia Barba of Nashua, sold by Leila Ardehali of Nashua Catholic
October 11   Heather Spinney of Nashua, sold by Kobe Spinney of Infant Jesus
October 12   Tim Stewart from Derry, sold by Mollie Hunt of NC
October 13   Jeff Maher of Wilton, sold by Kate Maher of St. Christopher
October 14   Leslie Budd, sold by Jake Roehm of Infant Jesus
October 15   Jane Reardon of Rhode Island, sold by Molly Reardon of St. Chris
October 16   Sarah Smythe of Nashua, sold by Kathy Litch of St. Chris
October 17   Milagros Ortiz Cruz of Queens Village, NY, sold by Charlotte Batchelder of St. Chris
October 18   Katie Brasil of Mont Vernon, sold by Charlotte Batchelder of St. Chris (again!)