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10 Great Reasons to Choose St. Chris


Why choose St. Chris? There are so many reasons! Here are just 10 of them:

1. Faith matters at St. Christopher School. Through service projects, Masses, daily religion class, and many, many meaningful discussions all year long, students learn that faith is lived, not just studied. We help students mature into adults who strive to “do justice and to love goodness, and to walk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6:8)
2. Character development begins in PreKindergarten. No child is too young to learn how to be a good person. Our mission to nurture students “who lead by example, and who live their lives with integrity and concern for others” guides our formation of young people who have instincts for kindness and recognize their responsibility toward others.
3. Families come from 15 different communities and are of 12 different faiths. While fully grounded in the traditions of the Catholic Church and offering a authentically Catholic education, St. Chris welcomes students of all faiths. The many different backgrounds of our families allow students to better understand the world around them. Our students respect each other and appreciate their role as members of a much larger community.
4. Teachers are not constrained by Common Core requirements. Our high-quality faculty works hard to offer an excellent education and coordinate academic succession from year to year. They cover material in ways that address student strengths and weaknesses. In our highly collaborative environment, teachers share successful methods with each other and are supported by a robust professional development program.
5. Younger students practice the Daily 5 literacy program to strengthen reading and writing skills. Our curriculum utilizes structured, proven methods supported by the latest in technology and innovative academics, such as the Daily 5. New academic offerings, including our 5th and 6th grade accelerated math program, are also added each year to support student success.
6. Older students move between classrooms for instruction in science, math, English, and social studies. This “upper elementary” model readies students to attend junior high school and manage responsibility to multiple teachers at the same time. Receiving schools often comment how well prepared our graduates are for the rigors and demands of the next level. We find many of our graduates on the Honor Roll at area high schools!
7. Buddy Program connects students and develops leadership. Each year, every upper grade classroom is paired with a lower grade classroom, and individual students are paired with each other, so that everyone has a buddy. Students learn how to mentor others, model strong values, and form new relationships.
8. Before and After Care programs offer ease of mind for parents. Being a parent isn’t always easy. We listen to the challenges facing our parents and respond to their needs and concerns. In addition to the flexible scheduling provided by the Before and After Care programs, our full-time nurse cares for student health during the school day. We also provide regular staff training and work closely with local law enforcement to ensure student safety.
9. Spring BBQ gathers over 300 students, families, and alumni each year. Community is at the core of our St. Chris culture. As families do, we look for opportunities to have fun together and build relationships. Traditions such as the BBQ, the Annual Auction, the Christmas Tree Lighting Festival, and the STEM Fair celebrate the shared St. Chris experience.
10. Too many extracurricular opportunities to list here! Chris offers activities galore from the Fine Arts to STEM to athletics to service and much more. Students have the option to explore different interests and discover their hidden talents beyond the classroom.


These are just some of the many great reasons to choose St. Chris! Please call today to visit us and discover more!